Papers accepted

Our paper New Support Size Bounds for Integer Programming, Applied to Makespan Minimization on Uniformly Related Machines was accepted at ISAAC 2023. Our paper TeeJam: Sub Cache Line Leakages Strike Back was accepted at TCHES 2024. Our paper Subversion-Resilient Signatures without Random Oracles was accepted at ACNS 2024.


Our paper Combined Fault and Leakage Resilience: Composability, Constructions and Compiler was accepted at CRYPTO 2023.

EuroS&P 2023

Our paper Act natural!: Having a Private Chat on a Public Blockchain was accepted at EuroS&P 2023.

Publications 2022/2023

Our paper Learning residual alternating automata was accepted at Information and Computation. Our paper Online Bin Covering with Limited Migration was accepted at Journal of Computer and System Sciences. Our paper Subversion-Resilient Authenticated Encryption without Random Oracles was accepted at ACNS 2023.

Teaching Awards

I got the Walter-Dosch teaching award for junior lecturers from the university and the HeliProf teaching award from the students.


I joined the editorial board of Information Processing Letters.

Program Commitees 2022

I’ll be on the program commitee of CHES 2022/2023.

OR Letters 2022

Our paper Online Load Balancing with General Reassignment Cost was accepted at Operations Research Letters.

AsiaCCS 2022

Our paper ASAP: Algorithm Substitution Attacks on Cryptographic Protocols was accepted at AsiaCCS 2022.


Our paper Load Balancing: The Long Road From Theory to Practice was accepted at ALENEX 2022.