Sebastian Berndt

Sebastian Berndt

Postdoc in IT security

University of Lübeck


Sebastian Berndt is a postdoc at the Institute for IT Security led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Eisenbarth at the University of Lübeck. His research interests revolve around intractable problems. On the one hand, he applies these problems to cryptography and steganography to enable secure communication. On the other hand, he tries to solve them with approaches such as approximation algorithms or fixed-parameter-tractability.

List of Coauthors

I had the pleasure to work with very talented researchers. In alphabetical order, they are

Max Bannach, Valentin Dreismann, Thorsten Ehlers, Thomas Eisenbarth, Leah Epstein, Kilian Grage, Klaus Jansen, Kim-Manuel Klein, Ingmar Knof, Alexandra Lassota, Asaf Levin, Maciej Liśkiewicz, Matthias Lutter, Marten Maack, Matthias Mnich, Dirk Nowotka, Malin Rau, Rüdiger Reischuk, Lars Rohwedder, Okan Seker, Malte Skambath


  • Cryptography
  • IT security
  • Algorithms (Parameterized, Approximation, Online)


  • PhD in Computer Science (summa cum laude), 2018

    University of Lübeck

  • M.Sc. in Computer Science, 2012

    Kiel University

  • BSc in Computer Science, 2010

    Kiel University

Recent Posts

MFCS 2020

Our paper Solving Packing Problems with Few Small Items Using Rainbow Matchings was accepted at MFCS 2020.

PACE 2020

We participated in the PACE 2020 treedepth challenge and got place 4 out of 15 in the exact track and place 5 out of 10 in the heuristic track.


Two new preprints are available. In the first paper, we investigate the vertices of the integer hull, the integer analogues of basic feasible solutions. We either match or improve the best known upper bounds on their number via surprisingly simple probabilistic methods. In the second paper, we show how to provably protect MPC-in-the-head protocols against sidechannel attacks. To illustrate this approach, we secured the Picnic signature scheme.


I moved to the Institute for IT Security in Lübeck.


I will participate in the Dagstuhl Seminar 20132 The Renaissance of Information Hiding, which has been moved due to COVID-19.

Recent Publications

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